body contouring scares me. & i’m not talking about face contouring & highlighting.

i know that insecurities exist because of low self esteem and that coincidentally exists due to companies exploiting our insecurities for profit but… i just wish people could see how beautiful they are, the human body is a work of art and you need to appreciate everything you have. working limbs? that’s pretty amazing. working eyes and ears? you should appreciate that shit. instead of missing what you don’t have, remember what you do have and be thankful for it.

so don’t tamper and contour your tummy, hands, legs, arms.. it doesn’t need to be done. i have never met an ugly person and never will, everyone is beautiful in their own way. individuality is precious and i wish people would realise that. be kind to yourself :-))

you are not your body, you’re not the clothes and brands you wear or makeup, nothing external. you are your soul and your smile & passions

you are wonderful, there is nobody like you in the world. nobody the same. that’s amazing



acceptance and validation

hey moonkids,

so huh first blog post ever i finally got around to doing it lmao nice 1 Jess.

today i’m gonna talk about validation from others and why you, yes YOU don’t need it (necessarily).

everyone wants to feel loved and accepted, that’s natural, but you should never go out of your way for the sake of pleasing other people. because frankly, people are shit. there, i said it. #onlymemeswillsurvive #naturalselectioniscomingforyou

these days, and i’m just going to use an example here, relationships (especially romantic ones) require various forms of pleasing the other- you want ur other half to be happy so you make them laugh or whatever. but you should never let it get to the point when you rely on them for all of your happiness. STORY TIME before my boyfriend went to uni, it was the summer and a high point in my life (kind of, more on that later) and we saw each other pretty much every day, i was always at his house or he was at mine and we would always hang out (u get the idea, he is the coolest meme ever and makes me so happy etc). then BAM he went off to Coventry uni in September, and i was left feeling empty and lonely #loner and it made me realise how much i relied on him for my happiness and how much he had validated that. aaanndd then my depression got worse as college started lol i love life 🙂

that’s when i kind of shook myself into reality, and realised that you should never rely on others for validation of emotions because you will be disappointed, you need to grow as a person and don’t let others ensure your happiness for you. whether it be platonic relationships, paternal or whatever, don’t rely on anything because life is about YOU, nobody in the world is the same as you, you make your own experiences, you have your own subconscious and your own spirit so go and do whatever the hell you like and don’t get caught up with the crap of the world

i get that everyone needs love and attention, but don’t do things for the sake of others, do them for yourself!

happy tuesday everyone bye 🙂